Frequently Asked Questions 


What is a Bodhi Flow™(gentle vinyasa)?


A: A Bodhi Flow is a series of asanas that are designed to balance the body's strength with flexibility in one of the most therapeutic ways possible. It helps in developing upper body strength and grounded awareness. Also, students will be able to move into traditional vinyasas and more advanced postures with a higher level of emotional and physiological intelligence.


What is a Bodhi Yin™ (restorative)?


A: By practicing the BodhiYin, one will experience a peaceful release and relaxation. This class is especially beneficial to people with mental and physical challenges. This particular class requires very little exertion.


What is a Bodhi Spin™ (chakra yoga)?


A: The intention of this practice is to move Kundalini energy up the spine through repetitive physical postures that raise this latent energy, awaken the awareness, and refine the soul.


What is a Bodhi Flow™ with Natural Progression Asanas™? 


A: This practice incorporates certain asanas and repetitions for one to experience steady joy. When I learned how to do downward dog, Adho Muka Shvanasana, I felt liberated when all of my shoulder tension was released. I was smiling at everyone and everything and realized I was experiencing steady joy. It is the moment of release and liberation where you enter a space of steady joy.


What is an Intro to Yoga class?


A: I educate new yogis on how to properly align themselves to avoid future issues in the body. I prevent people from straining their wrists and other joints in the body. We review seated positioning, the importance of breathwork, child’s pose, all 4’s pose (Bharmanasana), downward dog, savasana, and much more. 


Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?


A: No. Anyone can do yoga given the proper support for that particular individual. 


What if I have bad knees?


A: I recommend doing chair yoga if you are not comfortable getting up and off of the floor. If you are comfortable getting up and off of the floor, then I  recommend a Bodhi Yin™ restorative practice that requires very little exertion.


What if I cannot do a pose you teach?


A: Only go as far as the body allows. Pay attention to what pose you cannot move into and ask yourself why. Push yourself to your edges, but do not overdo it. Take the time in your practice to learn about your body and why you may experience resistance in certain asanas. I used to not be able to do tree pose, vrksasana, because I was not allowing myself to just be in that pose. When I learned to allow, I was immediately able to do that pose and stay in it for longer periods of time. Each pose has its own lessons for you to learn along your journey. :) 


What if none of these flows sound like something I can do?


A: Contact me through email or phone and inform me of your concerns. I can specially curate a yoga practice tailored for you. I have done it before for people with bad knees, sciatica, and lower back issues. I want you to get as much as you can out of your practice for your personal growth. No one deserves to be left out! 


If you have a question not answered above, please email, text, or call me at any time. Namaste.


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