Are you ready to harness your natural energy for healing in yoga?

Updated: Aug 22

Teaching the different Bodhi styles of yoga and my own natural progression asanas is extremely healing for the body. After each session, you are left feeling a lovely sensation inside, relaxed, and in tune with a relaxed breath.

I also do sound bath meditations, crystal chakra meditations, and workshops. Sound bath meditations significantly reduce stress and anxiety. When you hydrate well before a session, the effects of a sound bath are profound on the body. You feel all the day's stress just melt away and wake up feeling refreshed. Crystal chakra meditations focus on different energy points on the body. We have 7 main chakras that are susceptible to blocks and being unbalanced by stress, negativity, unhealthy habits, etc. We can align the chakras with a crystal chakra meditation followed by a BodhiSpin flow that is a gentle Kundalini flow. With the combination of those two things, you will feel like a brand new person with more positive energy.

I will be doing kid yoga camps over the summer as well! The age range will be from 5-9. We will have a buddy system and many fun planned activities! The camp will run Monday-Friday and I will provide most materials. Parents are responsible for transportation, sunscreen, food, and medicine. Contact me through email or by phone for any questions regarding the kids yoga summer program. :) Namaste.

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