Healing powers of Crystals

I have many crystals that I associate with each chakra and their individual healing properties. I love cleansing, charging, and meditating with my crystals on a daily basis. They help you raise your vibration and aid in assisting with ailments. I was called to certain crystals that elevate my vibration. As a star seed, I am drawn to strong, potent, high vibrational crystals. I usually sleep with different crystals underneath my pillows at night. I always set my highest vibrational intention and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. I also use sacred geometry and have my own personal crystal grid where I write down my intentions, what I wish to manifest from the universe, and many other things. I place that paper folded up in the middle of my grid and let it sit for at least 40 days (1 month and a few weeks). Once my intentions and wishes have been fulfilled, I draw up new intentions and wishes. There is much to learn with patience and the universe. The universe is RICH, so it is up to you to be open and access it.

I offer a crystal healing chakra meditation session that clears any stagnant energy that is circulating in your energy centers (chakras). From a biologist perspective, I use the "SOAP" method when approaching each individual. Each person fills out a form that tells me what they are feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally. Then, I sort through my crystals and determine the best ones for healing that individual person. The last step is beginning the meditation. I start by setting positive intentions in the HIGHEST VIBRATION and have the individual do the same. Intention is EVERYTHING. Secondly, the individual decides to sit up in lotus pose, criss-cross applesauce, or lay down on their mat/blanket. I prefer laying down on organic materials that are non-toxic. Thirdly, the person either holds the crystals or I place them on the energy centers of the body in a straight line (preferred). We meditate for the first 20 minutes with the eyes almost closed, and just breathing. After the first 20 minutes is up, we have a 5 minute break to hydrate, use the restroom, or anything that is needed. Then, we return to the sacred space and meditate for the last 20 minutes. After the session is over, I play my sound bowls to welcome in the new, healthy vibrations and finish off with a chant.

It is a beautiful, painless, uplifting experience one will never forget. My first time I went to an energy healer and did something similar, I felt LIGHTER. I was not consciously aware of all the stagnant energy I had in my aura that needed to go. When your chakras are clear, you are relieved of stress, common ailments, and are at a higher vibration! I recommend these meditations twice a month at most and you will notice a difference in your energy and health. I have not been sick for almost a year and plan on never being sick again because my goal is to vibrate so high that disease cannot even affect me.


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