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Updated: Aug 22

Ever since I was a little girl, I had an inner desire to be pocahontas. I knew that my love for nature and animals would never cease. I walked around my yard barefoot and hunted for berries to feel more connected with the earth. Little did I know that I was practicing a wonderful art known as earthing.

Years later, I took a trip of a lifetime to Israel. I traveled the whole country and became more connected on the inside. I felt the holy spirit when I touched the Western Wall and prayed. It was a beautiful experience for my soul because I returned a new person.

Fast-forwarding after college, I moved to Utah in 2020 to begin a new chapter. I became certified through Bodhi Yoga with Syl Carson. It was such a beautiful experience that I am forever grateful for and will never forget. I have embarked on my spiritual journey since and it has been one hell of a ride.

Star seed yoga means everything to me and the people I help. Through my techniques and tools, I assist in helping each and every person initiate emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. My time on the earth plane is dedicated to helping the earth and people. Namaste.

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