“The fact that you don’t remember or that you can’t ‘see’ it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. You can’t see your fatty liver, spiked insulin levels or raised cholesterol either unless you have lab work done, but you can feel the effects of these conditions and the same applies to past live wounding.”

How often are you clearing your energy field? Did you know we can have ancient gunk and old vibrational frequencies in our energy field from past lives and our current life?

I like to think of cleansing my energy field like showering. I shower everyday to clean my physical body. I also use Himalayan salt, palo santo, sage, and crystals to keep my energy field clean and protected. Just because you cannot physically see it, does not mean it isn’t there. Start cleansing your energy field daily and notice the difference.


Sweet Orange & Lavendar CBD infused energy field cleanser (himalayan salt))



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