"Gracen was very helpful with her direction & made sure I understood each pose. It was very relaxing and I enjoyed learning about the chakras."-Chau 

I liked how Gracen talked about hand alignment. I felt so great afterwards. Realized a lot of tension I didn't realize I had. Gracen has the perfect "Aura" for teaching yoga."-Rachel

"It was a change of pace from power yoga and my fast paced workouts. It helped me focus more on the poses and get a deeper stretch."-Anastacia

"Very relaxing."-Charlotte 

"It was helpful and wonderful. I felt very mindful."-Cesar

"The quality was great and very helpful. She was very knowledgeable about the pose. I felt rejuvenated and centered."-Samantha

"Instructor was very helpful making sure I was comfortable while doing the class since I suffer from Sciatica & arthritis. She had me use pillows & blankets to help in certain areas. Gracen was very patient with me and made sure I understood the next exercise before I did it. She also described what movement we would work on."-Celeste

"Very helpful. Especially for a beginner. I did enjoy the class. It was my first time and Gracen made me feel confident."-Brooke

"It was very great when I needed help. It was very understandable. I enjoyed it because the instructor was very clear when doing the poses."-Victoria, age 11


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